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Standard Mattresses

Our bed frames category offers a wide selection of different bed frames that vary in strength and size from fully adjustable bed frames to the economical bed frames that are non-adjustable with only headboard attachment, and full head board and foot board attachment . We also offer just bed rails for those metal head board and foot boards, from twin and full to Queen size with cross bars and with out.
DM-BUNKIE Lotus 2 inch bunkie board twin size
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DM-110Q-F Dreamax lavender queen size bed foundation
SKU : DM-110Q-F1
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Asia Direct BX-1200 Box foundation for mattress set
SKU : AD-BX-1200K
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DM-318-F Dreamax lilium bed foundation
SKU : DM-318-F1
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DM-315Q-F Dreamax birds of paradise queen size bed foundation
SKU : DM-315Q-F1
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DM-COMBO Daisy 6 inch bunkie board twin size mattress
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DM-COMBO8 Daisy 8 inch bunkie board twin size mattress
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DM-110 Lavender dreamax 8 inch queen tight top mattress
SKU : DM-110Q-M
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DM-120 Hibiscus 9 inch euro pillow top queen size mattress
SKU : DM-120Q-M
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DM-315 Dreamax birds of paradise 11 inch euro pillow top queen size mattress
SKU : DM-315Q-M
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Asia Direct M-1200 Pedic comfort mattress
SKU : AD-M-1200K
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Asia Direct M-1500 Pedic comfort pillow top double sided mattress
SKU : AD-M-1500Q
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DM-318Q-M Dreamax lilium 13 inch euro pillow top form encased queen size mattress plush comfort
SKU : DM-318Q-M1
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