I apologize. I thought the store answered these questions. I should have added that while the description says 2 chairs recline, I found the exact same couch, with the same #600370, and it had 3 reclining chairs. Apparently, the one side is a reclining loveseat and they told me the loveseat counts as one recliner. So that meant in actuality there are 3 reclining seats but for some reason they count a loveseat section as one seat. Which confused me, so when I found this site and they had the same couch, I just wanted to be sure that it was truly the same exact couch. So that's why I asked if 3 seats reclined. If you have the couch or saw it firsthand, then that's different. But I think you would agree that it is better to be certain before investing in something that is the couch that you wanted. 2 reclining seats would be a deal breaker. Just want to be sure before I pull the trigger. Like I said I apologize for not realizing this went on a public Q&A forum board. I appreciate the reply. Thanks.

600370 4 pc Latitude run mowgli camargue gray coated microfiber power motion sectional sofa with recliners on the ends
Suggested Retail: $2999.99 You already saved 37%
We had to contact the supplier their website infor was incorrect there are two power recliners on the left loveseat
Answered by Anthony Bianco on Jan 21, 2019
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